The Vusumzi Primary School renovations began in earnest in March 2013. Early renovations included the installation of an alarm system, security for the future computer lab, perimeter fencing, and stone pavement. Subsequent renovations resulted in the transformation of 28 classrooms. We have refurbished the infrastructure, from ceilings to floor tiling to electricity to new doors. Improvements to the school also include a clean water system, a state-of-the-art computer lab, and an outdoor classroom.

The photos below depict the classrooms before renovations began.


Our renovations were significantly bolstered by the families and friends who so generously contributed to the role Universal Played in the Vusumzi Primary School transformation. As individuals and in groups, people stepped up to name South African classrooms after loved ones, or Universal Promise stepped UP to recognized those who had made extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of those we serve.

Five naming opportunities remain. If you are interested in dedicating a classroom at Vusumzi Primary School, please contact us. We now invite you to click on the photos below to learn how each individual has positively affected - and continues to affect - countless lives.