Universal Promise offers two sponsorship programs, each with a daily contribution of less than $1.00.

Our Inkuthazo Program pairs a sponsor with an entire school of 800+ learners in Nomathansanqa, South Africa. Our Uphuhliso Program pairs a sponsor with individual high school students who have distinguished themselves as students and citizens.

Our sponsors form the backbone of our organization. Their financial sacrifice and loyalty have allowed us to implement - in a systematic, impactful, and sustainable manner - the top priorities as articulated by school administrators, educators, elders, councillors, and residents. Their support has fueled all our projects and allowed us to bring to fruition one priority after the other without hesitation or interruption.

We could not be more grateful for the Universal Promise sponsors. We would be honored to welcome you to that group. 

To submit your sponsorship details, click here, or to gather more information about each program, please click on the drop-down menu above.

Thank you.