Shopping with a Conscience

100% of the profits from sales are reinvested
to fund academic and poverty-reduction projects in Nomathamsanqa, South Africa

"Mollie's Dollies" was born in Molly Blackburn, an informal settlement in South Africa. As part of a pilot crafting initiative, artists put a personal spin on each dolly, each a symbol of strength, perseverance, and independence. The artists considered each touch - hair, dress, beaded arms - as a reflection of her own personality, and each creation comes with a handwritten card from the crafter herself. All profits will be reinvested in the program and in local education. Because we believe in only home- and school-based programs, your purchase will affect each crafter's ability to support all family members with whom she lives. By the way, we will select your dolly for you, so she will surprise you. Here's to Mollie's Dollies, the women who created them, and the families who will be enhanced because of them. Thank you!

They create.
You shop.
They rise.
It's all good.