The seventh Vusumzi Primary School classroom is dedicated to Julia and Chad Hoffer, who have shown unending generosity and love for UP from its inception. The fundraisers they hosted at Thames Street Kitchen, a Newport restaurant phenomenon they built from scratch, resulted in thousands of dollars in donations, all while fueling the belief in education for all. Universal Promise extends its warmest gratitude to them for their encouragement, energy, compassion, and friendship.

Julia Hoffer grew up in Newport, Rhode Island, and, after high school, she moved to Manhattan, where she earned her B.A. in Communications and Broadcasting from Fordham University. She worked as a television casting producer for ABC, Bravo, and National Geographic, and now produced television for The History Channel. Chad Hoffer grew up in Minot, North Dakota, and later moved to Manhattan to study culinary arts at The French Culinary Institute. He began his cooking career at NYC hotspot BLT Prime and later worked at BLT Market, Dove Tail, and The Standard Hotel. Education is an integral part of the Hoffers' lives. Chad and Julia are inspired by worldly experiences and exploring other cultures. 

In 2010 Julia and Chad moved to Newport and, together with Julia's twin sister and her husband, opened Thames Street Kitchen - a farm-to-table restaurant. Three years later, they joined forces with Julia's older sister and her husband and opened Mission - a renowned burger and hot dog joint. Most recently, the sibling trio launched Winner Winner, which specializes in chicken, delicious sides, and to-die-for biscuits. 

Julia and Chad have one daughter, Pearl Lee Hoffer, and a dog named Chuck Taylor. Pearl (two years old at the time of this writing) is enrolled in pre-school and spends her days enjoying all she is learning from her teachers, her peers, and the world around her.

Honored by Universal Promise for their generosity on behalf of those we serve