The fourth Vusumzi School Legacy Initiative is dedicated to Mattie Edwards Kemp, a current administrator and teacher at The Pennfield School in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. A more complete biography of Mattie will follow.

Mattie is one of those rare teachers who educates children through the lens of their strengths rather than their weaknesses. She approaches every challenge with a positive perspective, and without ever loosening her high expectations.

Kids trust and respect Mattie, and we are grateful that our daughter had the chance to learn from an educator and a human being with the kindness, intelligence, and humanity of Mattie Kemp.

This is a perfect way to honor Mattie. She is absolutely devoted to educating children, and naming a newly-renovated classroom in her honor, a classroom that will serve the poorest of the poor, connects a phenomenal educator in the States with children across the globe. Fantastic idea!

I had heard about Mattie long before I met her. When I spoke to Pennfield alumni or current students about their experience at Pennfield, they all said the same thing. I love Ms. Kemp. Without exception.

Mattie taught my children how to form an opinion and debate a point. Believe me, you would not want to get involved in a debate with my daughter. My daughter learned how to think from the best.

Mattie is a dear friend of mine and is so deserving of this recognition. She will be so touched and surprised by this honor. I know these are difficult economic times, but what better cause is there. I hope we can pull it off and give back to someone who gives and gives and gives so much each day.

I never heard Ms. Kemp get angry. We respected her so much, that she never had to raise her voice. No one ever wanted to disappoint her.