THE UPHUHLISO MISSION is based strictly on home- and school-centered intervention to provide educational and career opportunities that will promote just, civil, and hopeful societies. Toward that end, the Uphuhliso Program recognizes students with distinguished academic, attendance, and citizenship records by supporting them as they progress through secondary school, a vital and often vulnerable time in their lives. 

UPHUHLISO means empowerment and development in Xhosa, and we are delighted that a vibrant part of our mission involves the empowerment of high school students, those often overlooked in the world of giving. Secondary school students face ever-present temptations and crippling economics; nevertheless, they forge ahead. If the Uphuhliso students adhere to the strict standards of Uphuhliso membership, they receive the essentials as they make their way through secondary school: a school uniform, shoes, supplies, a solar calculator, an English dictionary, and a backpack. If the student remains in the program, each year he or she receives a year's-worth of school supplies and a new school uniform and school shoes, if necessary.

In addition to all of the above, subsequent years come with incentives and recognition. During the second year, for instance, a learner earns a school blazer. During the third year, a student earns a winter uniform. During the fourth year, a learner receives guidance for the college/university application process. At the end of the fifth year, upon his or her passing of the matric (the high school exam) and successful graduation from high school, the student receives a laptop as he or she moves on to college/university. 

As a UP sponsor, you will receive a photo of your student and perhaps learn about his/her family situation, favorite activities, and dreams, and once per year we strive to have you hear directly from your sponsored child. You may also stay up-to-date by checking the Facebook page dedicated to Uphuhliso. This one-on-one program is impactful and necessary, particularly given the challenges students face in high school as they strive to stay the course to carve out a different, more hopeful future. If you are interested in becoming an Uphuhliso sponsor, we encourage you to click here to submit your sponsorship details, or to gather more information, please contact us.

Uphuhliso Sponsors
Mary Ellen Lynch, Uphuhliso Coordinator 

Ainsley Sullivan Perry
Ali and Pat Downes
Alicia and Eric Bjornson
Anabel Keany
Ann Robichaud
Anna Murphy
Anna and Tyler Burnley
Anne Marie and Bobby Roche
Annie De Compiegne-Lutz
Brian and Cindy Neprash
Caroline Vohr
Chad and Julia Hoffer
Chris and Karen Cotter
Christine Woods
Connie Hayes
Danielle and Nick Williams
Denys Eftekhar
Devon Ducharme and Virginia Buckles
Dorothy Berube
Elizabeth Alsgaard
Elizabeth and Sam Tucker
Gail and Ted Yates
Jenny Berube
Jenny Yates
Joanne Fitch
Joe Yates
Karen Houston
Karen and Wayne Barnes
Kathleen Morrill
Kathryne and Robert Leonard
Kathy Lewis
Kourtney Patton
Laura and Peter Ragonese
Laurie Chruniak
Lewis and Susan Costas
Marie Doubleday
Mary Ellen Lynch and Nicholas Pappas
Mary Hayes
Meg Pickering
Meredith Gaudini
Petrie Family
Rhonda Finlayson
Risa Weinrit
Robin Porter Carlo
Sam Keany
Sara Bertuccio
Susan Coletti
Susie Hill
Suzanne Ragonese
Victoria Leonard
Zulekha Ludwig