The Addo Soccer Development Program (ASDP) provides an opportunity for children to participate in a high-level soccer experience. Playing soccer promotes confidence, an ability to focus, teamwork, and a structure to help children resist the temptations surrounding them. By joining the program, players must agree to the following standards: 

  • Children must attend school to participate in practice.
  • Players must give back to the community by volunteering to improve soccer facilities and other elements of Addo life.
  • Children must arrive on time for practices, games, and other team events.
  • Practices will be physically demanding, so children should strive to stay healthy at all times.

ASDP began as one man's response to the question: "What is your biggest dream?" Andile wished that he could coach a child from Addo all the way to the professional soccer league. Only one year later, this dream came true when four ASDP players were selected to play for professional teams. Since its inception, numerous volunteers from the local community have dedicated their time to the program and the success of these players. As volunteers they have inspired others to follow their example and give back to their community.