The Addo Netball Development Program (ANDP) certainly promotes teamwork and exposes girls to high-level coaching and competition, but the benefits extend much further. As ANDP founder Lungsi emphasizes, "Females play a vital role in the successful functioning of all cultures. When females are valued for their intellect, athletic prowess, and potential to fulfill their lifelong dreams, the entire community rises up to combat sexism, racism, violence against women, and other narrow-minded behavior that hinders a society’s progress." We agree. 

To enhance that vision, the ANDP incorporates a well-established life skills curriculum that offers guidance and encourages confidence, so that girls take charge of their decisions, their future, and their bodies.

ANDP was founded to 

  • provide physical support to girls of all ages so they value themselves
  • empower girls to face and conquer real-life challenges, 
  • improve the number of girls who pass matric (grade 12) and attend a tertiary institution (college and university)

To learn more or to support ANDP, please contact us.

Student-athletes working through the ANDP life skills curriculum before practice.
Topics include health, sexuality, self-esteem, peer pressure, resilience, and education.