MOLLY'S DOLLIES are named in honor of an underserved neighborhood in Nomathamsanqa, South Africa. The full name of the neighborhood is Molly Blackburn, who was an anti-apartheid activist during the now illegal South African government system of oppression and separation.

Molly's Dollies are crafted by the members of our Ilizwe EmPOWERment Program and are awesome symbols of women's empowerment, individuality, and financial freedom. If you are in support of all three, consider joining the Molly's Dollies Posse. What does that entail? 

1) You agree to purchase 10 Molly's Dollies.
2) We send you 10 dollies and an extra one for gratitude and good karma.
3) You give them out as gifts: rearview mirror hangings, Christmas ornaments, reminders of women's strength and uniqueness...
4) You encourage recipients to buy an additional 10, direct them to this site, and the movement is full on.
5) 100% of the profits will return to Ilizwe EmPOWERment for salaries, career-training, and crafting supplies, as well as to local schools.

Ready to get going? Fantastic! Party UP! Just click here, and you will be on your way!


Molly's Dollies Posse

Gail Thorpe-Yates
Martha T. Cummings
Sarah L. Klett