The tenth Vusumzi Primary School classroom is dedicated to Kevin James Medeiros, who was born in Newport, Rhode Island, on October 14, 1994. Kevin always knew the importance of education and aspired to follow the academic path required to become a counselor for those who suffered from addiction. Sadly, Kevin’s dream was never realized, because mental health issues and his own addictions got in the way. He was only 22-years-old when he died from an overdose. It was a tragic ending to a life that was filled with potential.

Kevin's main love in life was photography. His sister wrote, "Like a sunflower, Kevin sought out light everywhere: filtering through leaves on a tree, bursting in a grand finale above the horizon, and warming the sky at the start of a new day. He led each viewer’s eyes around his photographs, urging all to see what he saw and why he chose that moment. His lines drew us in, invited us along, and convinced us to stay a while. The world was so much more beautiful through Kevin’s eyes. The world was so much more beautiful because he was here."

Thankfully, Kevin lives on through all who loved him and through all who will come to know him. His family is grateful that the Vusumzi Primary School classroom is a permanent recognition of his goodness and his potential. They are also grateful that generations of Vusumzi Primary School students will read about Kevin and allow him to affect them positively and in unforeseen ways. Kevin's family trusts he will guide all children as they face life and its joys and challenges.

Universal Promise, alongside his family, believes that Kevin's hope, empathy, and kindness will find their way to Nomathamsanqa learners and urge them to be strong, to persevere, and, above all, to love themselves.

Kevin’s family sends its everlasting love to all who pass through the Vusumzi Primary School classroom named in Kevin's memory. Above all, they remind us of what Kevin believed: that all of us are absolutely good enough just the way we are. 

Honored by Universal Promise for his generosity on behalf of those we serve