THE INKUTHAZO MISSION is based strictly on home- and school-centered intervention so that all children are granted equal access to quality education. Toward that end, Universal Promise provides academic materials, school infrastructure updates, and professional development opportunities to solidify children's academic foundation and enhance their chance to live in a just, civil, and hopeful society. 

INKUTHAZO means encouragement and motivation in Xhosa, and our sponsors do their part by helping to bring the above reality to schools in South Africa. Over the past seven years, Inkuthazo has outfitted schools with books, educational supplies, Amazon HD Kindle Fire tablets, electricity, tiled floors, insulated ceilings, a nutritious breakfast and lunch program, teacher training, field trips, and a live security system. UP has also visited the homes of sponsored children, and donors have purchased enough beds, duvets, cooking supplies, miniature stoves, wardrobes, student desks, dining room tables, clothing, and school uniforms to foster the best possible learning environment.

As a UP sponsor, you will be assigned to a particular grade level and will develop a familiarity with that grade level's educators, students, curriculum, and overall advancements. On the school's Facebook page, you will be encouraged to view the learners' activities, classroom improvements, teachers' professional development opportunities, and more. As such, you will see precisely how your sponsorship donation, which amounts to $1 per day, has been used to fulfill the academic dreams of not just one child but scores of children through the provision of educational materials, trained teachers, school uniforms, and basic amenities.

We would be honored to welcome you to our group of amazing sponsors. To submit your sponsorship details, click here, or to gather more information, please contact us.

Inkuthazo Sponsors
Sarah Klett, Inkuthazo Coordinator

Allison and Steve Walk
Ally and Janet Marrinan
Ann and Gerald Porter
Annie de Compiegne Lutz
Arlene Baratz
Becky Rizvi
Brian and Cindy Neprash
Cyril and Michele De Luca-Verley
Denise De Luca Madden
Donna Flynn
Elena and Ken Michelson
Gillian Facher
Harriet A. Hill
Jane and Jill Gudoian
Jennifer and Jimmy Kane
Joanne Fitch
John and Karen Muggeridge
John and Mary Burns
John-Michael Luskevich
Joseph F. Cummings III
Joseph F. Cummings IV
Julie Strzyzewski
Kate Pick
Kathy and Peter Stark
Katie Eaton
Lynly Beard Ewel
Marie Doubleday
Megan Bishop
Mel and Pamela Hanzel
Mikkel Knudsen
Nick Ross
Randy Manning Dauchot
Risa Weinrit
Robin Porter Carlo
Roe O'Brien
Roxanne Kiritsy
Sarah Klett
Theresa Timlin
Twyla Saviano
Valorie Sheehan