We would accomplish little in South Africa without our supporters, who have donated their time, technology, vacations, clothing, money, and more to help Universal Promise define and implement its mission. We responded to their generosity by effecting significant change in the community we serve. Please join our group of givers. Your donation may be deductible to the extent allowed by law.



Below find several wonderful ways to support our efforts. Click on the one that suits you best, and know that every gesture makes a significant impact.

One | Make a general donation.
Two | Become a sponsor.
Three | Join AmazonSmile, which contributes 0.5% of your purchase price.
Four | Fund our Amazon wish list. See the details below.
Five | Mail a check to Universal Promise, PO Box 128, Newport, RI 02840.

Fund Our Wishlist
AmazonSmile continues to UP its nonprofit impact with its latest creation. Let's say you have a gift to buy for a special occasion, but you do not want to give "stuff" or, worse, something that requires dusting. AmazonSmile has made it easy. 1. Go to www.smile.amazon.com, and make sure you have listed Universal Promise as your nonprofit of choice. 2. Click on the link below (or if you're already signed on, click on Account & Lists and then AmazonSmile Charity Lists) to see what Universal Promise has added to its dream list of items for Vusumzi Primary School students, Samkelwe Secondary School students, and others. We have added an array of reasonably priced and incredibly impactful items, such as books, required South African calculators, and educational tablets. For a few dollars, you may give a meaningful gift, help Universal Promise continue to implement its mission of education for all, and avoid a dust-worthy knickknack. Universal Promise would also be happy to send a card to your recipient (if applicable) in recognition of your generosity. We would just need to receive the person's mailing address. Thank you, AmazonSmile, for an idea that helps everyone.