Maine resident offers women the tools to financial freedom


Little did Linda Kristan (left) know when she walked into It's All Good, an upscale resale shop in Brunswick, Maine, that she would soon be leading a sewing workshop to direct South African women to financial freedom.

How did that happen? In the shop that day, Linda was wearing a dress that sparked an idea in shop owner Cindy Neprash, longtime supporter of Universal Promise. Why not have the dress be the next project on UP Ilizwe Empowerment's list of conquerable skills?

Before you knew it, Linda was on the move. She hauled her sewing machine, thread, tools, and expertise to Cindy's home, and UP volunteers gathered to learn. Linda built the pattern from scratch and brought the dress to fruition in front of our eyes.

Days later, interested crafters in South Africa were following that pattern, cutting fabric, and using their cherished sewing machines. The women felt the great joy that comes from creating "something out of nothing" and securing a brighter financial future.

When the complex neck pattern surpassed all our skills, who came to the rescue again? Linda! Back in the USA, Linda carried out the finishing touches, donating more of her time to make the dresses shop-ready!

What does life-changing mean? It means that one's life (one's minutes, one's thoughts, one's sacrifices) changes to effect sustainable change for others. If you need an example of that, think Linda Kristan.

If you would like to become a sponsor to support this project in its infancy, please need contact us today!