Universal Promise is grateful for Charlie Josephs and our South African partnership


The Mayibuye Ndlovu Development Trust (MNDT), the organization with which Universal Promise partnered when we arrived in South Africa, is back in full force! After Roland Carolus, the long-admired director of the MNDT stepped down a few years ago, the trust took some time to select another leader, but, boy, oh, boy, was it worth the wait! New Director Charlie Josephs (left with high school students) is a treasure. He has, with great purpose and calm, led by example, proposed bold and broad ideas for the Sundays River Valley, and reignited our partnership.

What do we value most? His vision, demeanor, willingness to call out and uproot the status quo, and follow-through! When we reached out to Charlie to assist us with fitting our Uphuhliso students (some pictured left and below) with new school blazers, he took care of the details in the blink of an eye. Charlie and MNDT arranged and funded the student transport, accompanied them to the store 45 minutes away, helped the learners get fitted, took photographs, treated them for lunch, and - along the way - underscored the importance of education. What a day!

As always, we are grateful for our relationship with MNDT, Mr. Josephs, and our steadfast friend, Joseph Fletcher, MNDT executive. Alone we go fast, but together we go far. We see that truth in Charlie Josephs and the newly-branded MNDT.