Universal Promise earns national recognition in South Africa

Soccer Laduma, a South African national newspaper, featured Universal Promise in its editorial column in March 2017, when Mr. Vuyani Joni, editor, wrote a stellar piece about UP and our efforts in Nomathamsanqa. Mr. Joni, himself a child of the Eastern Cape, attended the first ever Addo Soccer Development Gala on 18 March 2017, after which he wrote the following:

"This past weekend, yours truly was invited to a sports gala event in Addo, a rural township outside of Port Elizabeth, where some good samaritans are using education and sport to change people's lives. As someone who comes from a really disadvantaged background myself, as Paterson - my hometown - is just around the corner from this township, I could really relate to the anecdotes shared at this event...

"As someone who has travelled this rough road and knows all about going to school on an empty stomach, wearing shoes with holes to school and being unable to walk properly or kneel down, in case people see the holes in your shoes, I know exactly how it feels to be hopeless and wish to throw in the towel. It took people like [UP] to help me realise my dream of making something out of my life, despite a challenging background...

"... with a community like Nomathamsanqa and the role played by Universal Promise, these people will forever have a good story to tell. It is for this reason that I decided to dedicate this week's column to these selfless people who are not just about enriching themselves but changing lives through education and sport."

In another comment, Mr. Joni wrote, "You won’t believe that I first made contact with a computer, let alone a laptop, at varsity! I knew nothing about the internet and technology, so you can imagine the disadvantage I was in during classes. However, I took it upon myself to persevere and not use my poor background as an excuse. Despite everything, I managed to make something out of my life and have made a vow to help wherever I can, so that the younger generation doesn’t have to go through what I went through."

Universal Promise is so grateful for this national acknowledgement, so that we may, together, spread our mission of Education For All. Thank you, Mr. Joni, for your words of support and gratitude.