Gettysburg College shares the soccer joy from 8,000 miles away!

From out of the blue, Matthew Garrett, soccer coach at Gettysburg College, reached out to Universal Promise to share the passion that unites soccer enthusiasts all over the world. Matt said the College had soccer items in excellent condition that were no longer being used. "Would Universal Promise like them in support of the Addo Soccer Development Program?" Um, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, please. The result is that Matt and the soccer community at Gettysburg packaged up and shipped to us 30 amazing tracksuits, a perfect match with the ASDP colors. A patch designed by Siphosethu, an aspiring young artist in Nomathamsanqa, transformed the tracksuits to the ASDP brand; but underneath it all is Gettysburg College. Then, as if that were not enough, just yesterday UP received another two boxes of items from Santa Soccer: enclosed were two sets of soccer kit tops, assorted shorts, dozens of socks, practice jerseys, and more. UP, the coaches affiliated with the ASDP, the informal settlement of Langbos, and, most important, the children whose lives are enriched by the program thank you, Gettysburg College soccer and Matthew Garrett, for your compassion and generosity. 

Left: Coaches Chancey and Elvis sport the new tracksuits. Right: the tracksuit with the ASDP patch.

Click below to listen to a testament of gratitude from a key associate of ASDP.