Isabella Maguire, a senior at Middletown High School, is well aware of the global fascination with soccer, so when she decided to form a Universal Promise club at her high school, she immediately proposed a "Cleat Drive" to support the Addo Soccer Development Program: a UP-supported effort launched and led by a team of selfless volunteers in Nomathamsanqa. 

 Just the beginning...

Just the beginning...

The cleats began to come in, and soon the overall total rose from 20 to 38 to 55 to over 70 pairs of cleats (sample left). All the donated "boots" are in excellent shape, made even more so through Isabella's and her brother Tyler's hard work. They cleaned each pair, packaged them up, and are now attempting to raise funds to pay for the fees UP will incur when we transport them to South Africa in February 2016.



When Founder Andile Meki and Coach Elvis Lali expressed their appreciation to Isabella and MHS in a recent video, the students saw "firsthand" the extent of the South African gratitude. So many MHS students had tears in their eyes, then well aware of how their act of kindness affected the lives of soccer aficionados over 8,000 miles away.

UP is so grateful for the infusion of energy from our group of younger volunteers, and that energy was reflected well in Isabella's determination and in the collaboration of those who were able and willing to participate. Many thanks.