Matching challenge will change lives. Seriously.

HIV/AIDS patients, children with severe gastrointestinal pain, and those crippled by tuberculosis suffer outside in 100-degree temperatures, day after day, hoping to see a medical professional. They often stand 10 hours in the piercing sun, without water, bathrooms, a waiting room, and a sufficient pharmacy, only to return home without treatment. "That's just the way it is," I have heard the residents say. "We will come back the next day and hope for something better."

Proper healthcare, particularly in a region where some communities claim a 70% rate of HIV/AIDS and an escalating incidence of tuberculosis, should be a basic human right, and Universal Promise needs your help to bring that to reality.

An anonymous philanthropist has offered to donate $2,500 if, between now and Saturday, January 16, 2016, we raise another $2,500 for our medical clinic fundraiser. Make a donation large or small. Your generosity will be doubled!

Please help us renovate the Addo Clinic, the only nearby medical facility for three communities of undernourished, underserved, and often ignored people. If we are successful, we will

  • enlarge the current reception and waiting areas

  • expand and improve the existing pharmacy

  • make current treatment protocols more available

  • create a dental waiting area

  • offer a protected region for patients waiting outside

  • install proper outdoor restroom facilities

  • construct a wheelchair accessible ramp

  • improve the fencing

  • erect a guard house to improve security

Ease the suffering of those who already have too much to bear and address a sphere of life that affects our main focus: education. Together we may break the seemingly inexorable cycle of poverty and injustice in our little neck-of-the-woods in South Africa.