Lifesaving effect of wind turbine

Universal Promise knew that the Joe Yates-inspired wind turbine project would bring much more than electricity, and here is evidence of that knowledge fulfilled.

Given the absence of light in impoverished communities around the world, ambulances have difficulty finding their way to collect the sick. Several days ago, though, that all changed for one South African village after the installation of a wind turbine and the onset of electricity in a destitute region in Sundays River Valley; when an ambulance was called to collect an ill child, the vehicle found its way RIGHT TO the community center where the child was waiting. Why? Because the wind turbine had powered the community center and brought light to an otherwise dark space. The ambulance could pinpoint where the child was and transport him to the hospital in "record time."

Someone in the village described the wind turbine as a beacon of hope, and now we understand what that means. Electricity will have significant and unanticipated ripple effects for a lifetime, Congratulations, Joe, on the intellectual and emotional manner in which you touched this South African community. I hope you have some inkling of the impact of your idea and the profound generosity of family, friends, and strangers...